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The Dinner Hour

21 Mar

The dreaded thought arrives each day at 4 pm: what’s for dinner??

Recently, I was given a copy of Laurie David’s The Family Dinner cookbook.  And now that dreaded thought of “what’s for dinner?” is something to look forward to each day!

The cookbook has easy recipes but more important, it is full of games, stories and ideas for helping bring your family together during dinnertime.

Tonight I bought chicken meatloaf, my daughter, Charlotte, and I put together a “make your own” salad bar and she also made fruit and yogurt parfaits for dessert. And while Charlotte set the table, my husband played Adele on the piano as entertainment. All of this made dinner fun and no longer a chore!

Based on suggestions from the cookbook, one night we listened to classical music.  Another night I bought little presents for everyone.  Some nights we simply lit candles. Tonight we each read a favorite poem and talked about their meanings and why we liked them. My husband chose Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, my daughter read Le Loup et L’Agneau, a french fable, and I read a poem by Rimbaud.  Which all led into a pretty serious discussion about what things make us happy in life.

So while every family dinner is not perfect, we have a better appreciation of how important it is to each of us to reconnect after our busy days. Thank you to The Family Dinner!

Charlotte preparing the salad bar!

Charlotte setting the table!